Frik Munnik, the CEO of Hartistic, grew into jewellery design and manufacturing out of his engineering background through an acute interest in detailed manufacturing with a wide range of materials. Creativity can, however, not be inhibited and after completing the necessary training and setting up a studio in 1984 he has been designing and making jewellery.

With Frik’s technical background and quest for knowledge he had an edge to help him master manufacturing skills quickly, becoming qualified to work in almost any material with confidence. What started out as a hobby became a full-time occupation in 2006 under a fully-fledged company, allowing Frik to practise his 30-year passion as a career.

Frik takes pride in integrity, honesty and making sure that his customers get exactly what they desire. Ask him what his measure of success is, and Frik will tell of the glowing smiles of delighted customers.